Newly located, and now based in Nashville Tennessee, David Hull will be booking shows for the next coming year.  So check back regularly for new updates on future shows.

With a genuinely original and fresh mix of influences from both blues and rock worlds, 'Out of the Blue' pays tribute to legendary artists such as Albert King, Ray Charles, Gary Moore, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, as well as offering up a range of styles and tempos from up-tempo swing to scorching slow blues, to straight ahead contemporary blues rock.

The new CD features guest appearances on selected tracks by the Sister Monica and Joe Louis Walker horn section of Noel Catura and Jeff Lewis, as well as gospel rooted background vocal support. Opening with the train driven swing and rock rhythm of 'Track 23', previously released as a successful single on Artist Launch, the CD presents an outstanding cross section of popular guitar driven American musical styles.

The CD is avaliable from a number of distribution sources...

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